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Removing food sources and proofing nesting / roosting areas can solve the problem. Culling by trapping or shooting is sometimes employed if non lethal measures are not practical on their own.


Typical problems:-

These include, Fouling of windows, pavements and roofs, marking of paintwork and vehicles/ goods, Infestation of lofts & voids, Aggression (gulls), Disease risk, Blocked chimneys and leaking valleys. Predation (Crows & other Corvids).



A method giving the best results on 'high pressure situations. Very unobtrusive against the background of a building, but quite noticeable on the skyline. Needs periodic maintenance to avoid birds being trapped.


Anti Perching Strips

A versatile method, effective against pigeons & Gulls in most situations. Blunt ended spikes stop the birds landing. Available in S/Steel and polycarbonate.



Stainless steel wire run at intervals between sprung posts, discreet but not suitable for heavy pressure situations.



Ladders, hydraulic lifts and rope access is all available to suit situations. Scaffold can be arranged, and we often work with existing scaffold after other projects such as painting are complete.


Bird control

Solutions can involve using a variety of methods